Bama Angoras is based near Huntsville, AL.  I provide quality French and German Angora rabbits for spinners and other fiber enthusists. I breed to perfect my herd’s wool quality and body type. I am a proud Member of the International Association of German Angora Rabbit Breeders and American Rabbit Breeders Association. For questions on raising angoras or to request a specific bunny contact me at contact@bamaangoras.com

Every breeder has an image in his or her mind on the Perfect Rabbit.  This is what they breed towards.  It is important to know what your breeder is headed towards so you can make sure your visions match up.  My perfect rabbit is about 9 pounds, has the standard comercial body type with no defects (bad teeth, cowhocks, mismatched toenails, errant white spots, etc).  Its wool is silky and has a lot of luster and crimp and is very dense – I would expect to get at least 12 ounces of wool every 90 days.  My rabbit would be tolerant of both hot and cold weather and not require grooming during the period between shearings.  Its temperment would be calm and submissive.  If a doe, it would breed easily producing and raising eight kits per litter on average and have strong maternal instincts.  If a buck, it would quickly breed without unduly stressing the does.



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