For Sale: 94% German Angoras – SOLD

AngieChester94 Black 022AngieChester94 Litter 027

AngieChester94 Litter 011

These cuties are now available.  I have 1 REW doe, a REW buck, a chestnut buck and a black doe with a white toe left.  These guys have a lot of sheen, a lot of crimp and they are already showing signs of great density.  I tried to take a picture of their wool – it was hard to get a good picture since it kept trying to spring back.  You can see how much it reflected the light of the camera flash.

AngieChester94 Black 016

I am very happy with this litter.  I wish I could keep them all but unfortunately I do not have the room.  I am selling them for $100