2014 Angora Rabbit Litters Day 5

LilyDaughterLitterJan14 Day 5

By now the does are getting comfortable with their role as mothers.  Their milk should be coming in full force by now.  You can feed them a supplement to support their milk needs – I use Calf Manna or Milk Pro (follow the instructions for lactating rabbits – they only need a small amount).  I also start filling their feeders so they can eat their fill.  Any extra weight now will not hurt the does – the kits milk requirements will increase exponentially and it will be hard to keep the does from losing weight.  You need to watch for over-feeding now.

Overfed Kit

This kit has been overfed.  You can see its bulging belly – if you turn it over the skin is so tight it looks like it will pop.  Overfeeding can kill the kits.  I see this problem most often in litters were the mother had a large number of kits and her milk was not initially sufficient for the numbers so the kits either died or needed to be fostered out.  When the mothers milk does come in, it seems to come in sufficient quantities to support the original litter size.  You can return some of her fostered kits or add some from another litter (remember to chose kits of similar size).  You also can remove the nestbox to restrict the number of feedings.  The mother’s milk production will adjust to the reduced demand after a couple of days.