Juniors and Breeders available

Since the new breeding season is coming up, I am listing some of my Juniors and last years breeders to make room for next years litters.  I included any known recessives for each rabbit in case someone was trying for specific colors.

I have 5 French available (None of the French have any major faults):

  • an almost two year old copper agouti doe (experienced breeder, carries dilute and REW) – Reserved
  • an almost one year old blue seal doe (experienced breeder, carries REW) – Reserved
  • a 6 month blue seal doe (carries REW) – Reserved
  • a two year old broken smoke pearl buck (carries REW) – Reserved
  • an opal 6 month old buck. – Reserved

Copper AgoutiOlder Blue SealYoung Blue Seal

The German Hybrids I have available are as follows:

  • 88% 1 year old Chestnut German doe (experienced breeder, carries brown and REW, white toenail)
  • 94% 7 month old Black buck (carries brown, blue, and REW, white toenail)
  • 91% 9 month old Black buck (carries brown, blue, and REW, matched toenails, damaged ear due to injury)
  • 94% 7 month old Chestnut buck (carries brown, blue, and REW, white toenail)
  • 94% 7 month old Chestnut buck (carries REW, matched toenails)
  • 94% 7 month old Chestnut doe (carries REW, white toenails) – Reserved
  • 94% 7 month old White doe (carries brown and blue) – Sold

Black Buck Chestnut Doe REW Doe

All of them are nicely dense and have silky wool.  Unless otherwise indicated, they do not have synchronized wool. If you have any questions about a specific rabbit contact me at contact@bamaangoras.com

French are available for $40 each, German Hybrids are available for $100 each.

(Check back later as I upload more photos)