Monthly Archives: March 2016

2016 Breeding Season!

I’m expecting some lovely babies this year. I don’t always get the chance to post them before they are gone so please contact me if you would like to know what is currently available.

Right now I have some hybrids available (They are $100 each.):

I have some babies available now from a litter born in November – a couple of blue does, a blue buck and a lilac buck.

Juniors and Adults available:

I have a 11 month old blue buck and his opal sister, a 2 year old opal buck, and an 11 month old chocolate chestnut buck with a white spot on his nose.  I also have a black doe who is about a year old and a chestnut doe who has been an excellent mother – she is 3 years old.

Black Doe Blue Buck Chocolate Chestnut Buck Ion - Opal Buck Liane - Chestnut Doe Opal Doe